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What does Zalarte do?

Zalarte is an intermediary portal for high quality art from galleries across Europe. On Zalarte customers can buy art directly from the galleries online.

How does shipping to customers work?

The gallery dispatches the artworks. Once a customer buys a piece of art on Zalarte, Zalarte will inform the gallery regarding the delivery data. After that, the piece will be shipped directly to the customer.

How does the gallery receive its money?

When purchasing the artwork, the customer pays Zalarte the purchase price. Zalarte immediately transfers the purchase price less a commission to the gallery.

Who issues the invoice to the customer?

The invoice to the customer is provided by Zalarte on behalf of the gallery. This has the advantage that customers always have a contact person fluent in their local language. At the same time Zalarte remains the single point of contact for the gallery. Zalarte takes care of Customer Service.

What about returns?

In online trading for consumers, it is customary to give customers a 14-day return policy. Zalarte would like to offer this service as well. Often returns are the result of inadequate descriptions of articles. Zalarte intends to work with high-quality photos and descriptions so that as few customers as possible return an item.

How can a gallery participate?

We always start our business relationships by getting to know each other. Please provide us with some brief information about your gallery and the art works you wish to offer. Zalarte checks the offer of the gallery. After an agreement between the gallery and Zalarte, the gallery sends us the photos, description and the price for each artwork. Zalarte takes care of the translation into the local language and presents the artworks in the portal, where customers are able to buy. Start now: sell art online.

How much does it cost?

Zalarte’s offer is free for galleries. For every sold artwork Zalarte receives a customary commission on the final price of the item.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us at: info [at] or use our contact form.