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About us


While in the World of art international exhibitions are organized and art can be experienced nearly everywhere, there are European artists and galleries that offer their works only locally. How is it possible that even though throughout Europe innovative galleries that offer affordable originals exist, nobody knows them abroad? And who has the time to visit interesting exhibitions abroad, quite apart from the additional costs and language barriers?

At Zalarte we believe that affordable originals should be available to everyone.
Our mission is to link emerging and established artists from Europe with art lovers looking for a work of art at an affordable price match. While reducing costs for both. So the idea was born: Zalarte as a solution for European galleries and customers, all linked to one portal that offers quality works of art at a fair price so that they are accessible to as many persons as possible. To reduce existing distances without a cost increase, we use the Internet.

On Zalarte we make it possible for art not to know limits.

The founders

Robert Starke, co-founder

For Robert, the decision to buy a piece of art is always an investment decision. As such, it is also dependent on the immediate benefits and the future performance of the purchase. Robert has a degree in Business and Economics from the University of Alma Mater Lipsiensis in Leipzig. Professionally, he is experienced at leading online marketplaces in Berlin and Leipzig.

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Robert Starke
Lourdes Reyes, co-founder
In Lourdes’ eyes a work of art is always an expression of an artist’s hard work. Many persons do not realize how long artists work on their pieces and what skills are involved. She does. Lourdes comes from a family of artists from Barcelona. She moved from Barcelona to Germany in late 2007 and has many years of professional experience in online marketing and online editorial.View Lourdes Reyes Congost's profile on LinkedIn Lourdes Reyes Congost